Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When I grow up.....

I have shared many dreamy moments with my little ones as their eyes look upon the future as their own.....some of them have been super cute, others a bit ambitious. But my dear Mr Travis shared with me his very first hold on the future and it about knocked me out of my seat! It was a few weeks ago, and to be honest I am not sure what we were doing or even where we were.....but his comment is still very real to me....he said, " Mom, when I grow up, I want to fight in wars!"
If had been any of my other children, it would have been completely out of character....and even though I was shocked to hear it coming from my little six year old, if you knew Travis the way I know Travis, it fits him like a puzzle piece (much to my dismay- don't get me wrong, their is nothing more noble and brave than to lay down your life for others, but no mother wants to send her boy to war).
Travis is more brave than my other children combined- that's just a fact. His physical fitness and athletic ability is above average, he also has strong convictions which will move him to confront any giant.
I vividly remember going on a walk with my four (when I only had four) children, three were riding bikes, and Chloe was being pushed in the stroller. Meg and Jacob were 2 or 3 houses ahead when they came charging back to me. They werewhite as ghosts, huffing and puffing about a dog that had tried to get them. Without any more information, Travis jumped off his tricycle, grabbed a nearby stick on the ground and began to charge after the accused dog....He did this with such conviction and certainty, my older children were shocked with his bravery and humbly followed behind him....Situations happened like this over and over throughout the past few years....I have even seen him confront boys much older (and bigger) about some wrong they have commited with such ferocity, they backed off of what ever it was they had done, and were speechless to this "little" kid ! He reminds me of Capt Moroni or even Heleman... As much as I hope he finds a much safer career, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't!

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