Sunday, September 28, 2008


This year, was the first year with a CRAZY schedule...but when I committed us to these activities, it would only be crazy for a few weeks and then...things would settle down, well, Saturday was a collossal of a day as far as glitches in our scheduling....Saturday:
Jared had to work until 10:30AM
11 AM Megan's soccer game
12pm Travis soccer game ( I had to pass out shirts/socks prior to the game)
1PM Jacob had to be in San Antonio for a football game (Grandma was nice enough to take him)
1:30PM Jared's first golfing tournament started

I also had the Relief Society broadcast/dinner but Jared's tournament didn't end until 6PM and to be honest- I was dead tired!!! I think this crazy schedule is supposed to go downhill from there....
Just think, with every child...I spent my morning looking for soccer shoes, washing Megan's soccer shorts, making sure everyone ate their breakfast, had their uniforms, an extra pair of shoes to change out of, and got into the was insane!!

2009 Mother-Daughter Campout

Every September, our stake holds a Mother-Daughter Campout (Father-Son is in the spring)this is Megan with a friend and some of her cousins (two tents down)...Now, I am not much of a camper and neither is my mom- yes, we ALL went camping (my mom, me, and Megan & Chloe) my girls love it though, so, we go camping....This year, though, it was in a new location, and I must say....I LOVED IT, it was a nice spot, even though we didn't get our own fire pit (smores isn't the same when you have to run back N forth from other campfires) I hope it stays at this location (Paradise Canyon) for futre campouts...
This is Chloe, posing w/ cousin Mc Kenzie at the river bank....
Megan with some of her friends from our ward...In all the photo shooting, then realizing, I had to break tent early, to make it to Jacob's first football game, I forgot the picture of my mom, myself, and my little girls- next year...
There aren't many places in Texas like this...lucky for us, it is only 15 miles ....

Megan is out there in the river with her friends and cousins

Chloe Camping

This is Chloe with one of her favorite nursery friends-Miss Holland, we were neighbors with the Hardin family, Holland came to wake Chloe (Sleeping Beauty) so they could start the fun together
Chloe showing off her safety jacket....ready for water fun
Chloe is very cautious...this is as far into the water as Chloe went.....Mom loves it when her children are cautious

4 wheelin

Here is our new (new to us anyways) four wheeler- check out that smile Travis is wearing
My three big kids love this thing.....Jared has a three wheeler....and now the kids have their four wheeler....there are already talks underway about a sand dune trip to St Anthony's in Rexburg...We'll see!!


I love this pitcure from Jared's Birthday for many reasons....but my most favorite reason- is that it captures Travis whole-heartedly....there...but not really there...and definately doing his own thing...NOTE the swimming goggles, while everyone else is helping Jared blow out his candles....I LOVE THIS PICTURE.....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Soccer stats

I am sure everyone is very curious how our soccer season is going...for starts, there was a misunderstanding about the whole asst coach thing...I am Travis' COACH....he was very upset, so I made Jared the asst coach, and just tell Travis that daddy is the coach.....Travis' team- I think we call ourselves the Panthers(the blue Panthers b/c we are blue) we had our first scrimmage a couple of days ago, and our team things look somewhat was fun to watch Megan at her scrimmage- this is her first SPORT, she has always done dance, she is not competitive at all and is just happy to be on the field in her cute pink soccer socks that go to her knee and cute pink soccer shoes- it's priceless :)

Jacob is enjoying his football-not tons, but warming up to it...I think he is still trying to figure it all out, despite all the games he watches w/dad and practicing ....his team won their last game and he was on the field when it winning always makes everything more fun....if you ask him what his favorite sport is though, he will tell you GOLF.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bunny Talk

I was at school the other day...on my way to Megan's class actually...on the way I passed Jacob's class...outside their door the teachers display artwork or papers the children had written...Jacob had written " My family has bunnies. I love them" underneath was a piture he had drawn perfectly identifying each of our bunnies (brown, brown & white, grey & white) I love reading sentimental papers my babies have written :)

Megan came home with a paper she had written about these cute bunnies...the subject was favorite birthday present...which she stated " My favorite birthday present is my bunny Furball. For my next birthday I want a keyboard." These bunnies have a good life here and my children love them sooo much...although we keep waiting for baby bunnies to show up....we're still waiting!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun at Grandma's

It was a family night at Grandma/Grandpa wouldn't be complete without some games...Travis stuck between a whole bunch of girls
Jacob anxious to take a turn at the "fishing"
Megan w/cousin Claire waiting to see what she "caught"
Travis hamming it up

Newest Addition

Baby Molly(MaryAnn&Lisle's baby) arrived on August 27th...2008....I think she looks like her big sister Annie

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My kids have spent all summer learning the value of a dollar....A friend of ours was selling a little 4 our kids have been earning/saving their money so they could buy the 4-wheeler..
We started a tall glass jar and started making the is interesting though...right next to the 4wheeler jar is a jar that we are saving to go toward a charity to feed the still is NOT full...but the 4wheeler jar filled in less than three months....not to mention the feed the hungry jar only has pennies, nickles and dimes, while the 4wheeler jar had dollar bills.....and quarters.......I must admit, though my kids put in lots of hours with Jared at the jobsite and Jacob even donated most of his tooth fairy money (for two or three teeth) to the four wheeler...We did have to avoid all stores during this kids quickly forgot about their goal when they became surrounded by toys...rows and rows of toys.....Now their 4wheeler is home where it belongs :)

Chloe's Birthday photo shoot

As you may have guessed...Chloe is a little excited for her upcoming birthday...these are some pictures I took for her cute birthday card.....She has been asking about her birthday for months and has told us for months she wants a bike for her birthday (she is the only one who does not have a bike)....This will be her first friends/family birthday party (she has always had just family) and so she is excited to have her Nursery friends as welll as her story time/music maker-friends....She will be three...but I think she has been three for a while...

Jared turns 32!!!!

Jared may be officially old now....but he sure did get some priceless gifts from his little ones...thanks to Grandma Houghton who took each of the children one Saturday or Sunday at a time to help them create a one of a kind - thanks grandma!!
As for his special day...he said he wanted to come work out with me at the gym...that was after his mom drove out at 6AM to ride in the golfcart while he hit a round of balls on his favorite golf course... then we celebrated the day with food and more food and more food and a movie(the Mummy 3) in there somewhere too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED

First Day of School

It was actually raining outside on the first day of we took inside shots....Jacob sporting his new Star Wars shirt and Miss Megan wearing her new sparkly head wrap...don't forget the new back packs....You would have thought it was Christmas morning...both of my kids were up at 6 AM in anticipation...but after three days of the real deal...we were back to dragging kids out of their beds- very normal....

add to my portfolio

Experimenting with photographing nature....

Back to school Traditions

It is tradition to go ALONE with mom for a special day of school shopping and get to pick a special place to eat...well this year, Jacob picked to eat at TGIF and we had sooo much was fun to spend time with him alone and we can't wait til next year
This is Jacob killing time while we wait for our order....
Technically, Travis does not go to school this year (Megan was certain I would be dropping him off with pre-K...she was wrong) but if his birthday had been before Sept 1 he could have...b/c of the technicallity of it, I(actually it was and Travis) went to Chuck E. Cheese after we did some back to school shopping for Travis (Chloe came out pretty good too!) at Target he reluctantly enjoyed Chuck E Cheese- he REALLY wanted to go to Peter Piper Pizza, but it was just too far...
Megan too had a special day...but the camera got left on her day.....besides, I think I m pushing the whole embarassing factor pretty far....But after we did back to school shopping for her..she chose Red Lobster to enjoy shrimp cocktail....It was a totaly girly time w/her and I enjoyed it just as much as she did...This is a fun age for them......she even got to touch some of the lobsters just before the chef took them to the kitchen....

New Teachers

This is Jacob in his First grade class with Mrs. Echtle...this is Jacob sitting in his new desk
This is Megan in her Second grade class with Mrs. Casiano...This is Megan in her new desk

School Open House

At the end of was that time of year "haul" the mother load of school supplies to the school....It is tradition to haul everything in the wagon...but our wagon has seen better days....while meeting and greeting old/new teachers and friends...Travis and Chloe each found a book to read to keep themselves from finding any lasted for a while but then we had to leave early b/c Travis and Chloe were chasing each other around the Cafeteria....

Forget Legos

On a rainy day in August (very un-Texas like) what else do you do but stack mom's plastic cups...I must admit... the couple of hours these two boys were playing "nicely" together was well worth the inevitable destruction of my plastic cups...and what else do you do to a giant tower you just spent the last 30 mins destroy it with your light saber....and that's how boys spend a rainy day!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Politics Smolitics

Before I can say anything I am sure I have to disclose my resume of allegience to the all honored Political party- registered/active member of the Young Republicans....supported Bush Sr... voted for Bush JR....die hard Reaganfan (despite Reagans National deficit at an all time HIGH)- b/c isn't that how discussing politics works today(just like the days of old) First we disclose which party we associate with and then talk about the issues or what favor??? In fact My Grandpa Bandley is probably rolling in his grave about even being the slightest bit open minded- let alonelistening to the Democratic party...He was a die hard Republican...but also anti- union...but isn't the political process....unionistic?? Don't we call...character-bash against party lines(and with in to get people to be true to the party and not vote for the OTHER side??) how many of us were Romney fams, leaving MCCain in the dust, but now we have no choice, and pledge all alegiance to a man we wouldn't have voted for, but for the Republican party sake we vote for MCCain??- I am sad Romney is out and hope he comes back in 2012....But I must come out of the closet and admit, that Ilisten to Obama speeches
(I listen to both very closely actually, isn't that the only way to make an decision about who is the better canidate??)
I LOVED his speech at the convention- as I have at other times as well....despite everyones reasons to not like him...he advocates individual responsibility, chastizes society for wandering away from family responsibility- wants America to turn off TV and spend time with their kids, talk to them, help them w/their homework. teach them values, continues tell men that they are not doing enough for their families, challenges men to be a positive influence for their children and get involved (any family science student knows that a father has an amazing influence over the success or lack of success in a child's life) perhaps if families were more functional, then we wouldn't have to be so dependent on government and legislation...but you probably wouldnt know that if you only asked him what party he associates with....or read the anti obama emails that come through...or you could just say it was rhetoric....not bad rhetoric if you ask me...laws don't make America better...we can have every law for every problem- social/moral flaws as wont make a better society(i.e. prohibition) what makes people better is parents spending CONSTRUCTIVE time teaching/guiding/exemplifiying positive/moral values...The president himself wont make us better by appointing another commrade from THE party or gaining power in the senate to push as many legislations as that party wants into law...The president himself isn't going to influence our crime rates, teenage pregnancy or education...what is,is if every one took it upon him/her self to be their best to teach their children to be thier best and choose the right and HELP them choose the right- individual responsibility....We aren't better b/c washington passed laws to make us better, " change doesn't come from washington...change goes to washington"- a favorite Obama quote.our society is morally deficient, we need to do more...
I dont think being a soldier makes you MORE patriotic...let alone a POW....courages yes, a hero-yes, a free pass to the oval office- no. Being Republican, doesn't make you more moral...being a Democrat doesn't make you immoral....I think our founding fathers would frown our political process today, especiall when we have come so far in other ares (the suffrage movement,equality, an end to segregation, the UN). If you study history...esp on the founding fathers you would discover that they weren't PERFECT men...and made some choices that some republicans would view as immoral/contraversial...but I think they did amazing jobs idealistically which set a prototype for the entire world....At the end of this you could say I 'm a Democrat -lover....or make some sarcastic comment about how I persuaded you to "join" the Democrats party....when really isn't it about being as open minded as possible to catch a vision of a better society...not necessarily a better White House staff....
What happened to the forum of ideas the Greeks worked so hard to promote....I think if we didn't spend so much time identifying parties...and actually work on promoting for the good of our children....our "representatives" could come to some collective way to benefit all of us- not just the ones we like or are apologies for boring you....

Monday, September 1, 2008

12 Days of back to school

Back to school brings so much fun....mostly for kids.....with two in supplies and new school clothes is almost as chaotic as Christmas shopping (especially when mom waits until the day before the school open house) so this is pretting much how it goes...(don't forget to sing it to the music)

12 new white socks
11 colored folders
10 cute new shirts
9 sticky glue sticks
8 pairs of pants
7 oz of hand soap (times two)
6 packs of pencils
5 box o' markers
4 pairs of shoes
3 kid size scissors
2 stylin back packs
1 tired mom

Things found in the laundry chute....

I LOVE having a laundry chute...could not imagine life in a two story house with out one....BUT with a laundry chute and four children there comes an element of surprise evry time the chute gets opend/dropped- whatever you want to call the release of jammed pack dirty clothes..... These are the top 10 things that have gone through the laundry chute:
9. pillows (they often clog the chute...but some how find their way back in the chute)
8. books
7. legos (the big toddler kind)
6. belts
5. barbie dolls and all their stuff
4. dinosaurs
3. Travis has been stuck inside- but never came out the bottom, does that count??
2. wet towels from bathtubs that have spilled over- often provokes mom to give lengthy speeches that no one listens to
1.Pirate ships/barbie cars

spilled milk

After watching a recent glass of milk tip over and pour all over the table...drip everywhere on the floor..saturate everything in it's path(even thoughthe glass had only a small amount of milk)....given four kids and three meals a day for the past million days...we usually average spilling a glass of milk once every three days (our numbers have gone down significantly as our four children have grown- for a while it was typical to spill a glass of milk almost every meal)....
Although I should be TOTALLY desensitized by this whole still gets me a bit on the inside....but I have come to realize that the saying...DONT CRY OVER SPILLED MILK...always seemed to have the connotation that it was directed to children...personally, I think it was someone ease dropping on a poor mother's thoughts- trying to stay composed as she cleaned milk off the table and floor for the millionth time, "dont cry over spilled milk...dont cry over spilled milk...dont cry over spilled milk...!!"