Monday, September 1, 2008

spilled milk

After watching a recent glass of milk tip over and pour all over the table...drip everywhere on the floor..saturate everything in it's path(even thoughthe glass had only a small amount of milk)....given four kids and three meals a day for the past million days...we usually average spilling a glass of milk once every three days (our numbers have gone down significantly as our four children have grown- for a while it was typical to spill a glass of milk almost every meal)....
Although I should be TOTALLY desensitized by this whole still gets me a bit on the inside....but I have come to realize that the saying...DONT CRY OVER SPILLED MILK...always seemed to have the connotation that it was directed to children...personally, I think it was someone ease dropping on a poor mother's thoughts- trying to stay composed as she cleaned milk off the table and floor for the millionth time, "dont cry over spilled milk...dont cry over spilled milk...dont cry over spilled milk...!!"

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