Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jared!

Jared turned the big whopping 33 (yesterday)!! But due to a busy schedule, today is Jared's birthday- observed, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED!! Things about him
  • he LOVES to play golf and misses playing basketball
  • always in search for the perfect steak
  • loves camping and the outdoors
  • thinks the golf channel is interesting
  • is more patient than he used to be
  • shopping with his wife makes him exhausted
  • if it's broken, he can fix it (cars, diswashers, remote control trucks,etc.)
  • prefers to eat Chinese food with chopsticks
  • has visited almost 40 of the United States
  • loves to wrestle with his kids
  • looks forward to a romantic getaway to Paris w/his lovely wife :)

Happy Birthday Jared

Friday, August 21, 2009

the eye of a mother

Now I know telling fibs is a natural developmental phase...and learning to confess incriminating information is a developed attribute....I have never been one to like calling my children liars or telling them I think that they are lying....instead, I developed a "system" which I look into their little eyes and wait....I started this system in the beginning, so my children know no other way....If I am investigating and can not find any substantial evidence to come to my own opinion of what happened, or instead of using King Solomon's split it in half idea, I simply ask them to tell me what happened while looking into my eyes.I must be pretty successful b/c I don't even have to look in their eyes, just suggesting to look into their eyes, causes them to unload with a very honest confession. Backing it up with," a mother always knows" or "a mother can always tell"... It has become an almost comical experience with my children, in fact, it is all I can do sometimes to hold it all together as I watch the wheel of guilt start rolling around and see how their little reasoning minds work. I must say, Travis is my easiset person to melt- confessing everything he did, and taking down everyone esle by confessing their misdeeds as well. I love motherhood....