Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob!

This is Jacob on his 10th birthday, after playing soccer, he flew up in a WW2 plane!!

Each of my children bring a different kind of love to my heart....the love thing is the same, but
it is as different as each of my lively children....Jacob makes my heart full for totally different reasons than my girls, with him, I see so much of Jared and so many of the qualities I love about him....Like all my other children, he too has a big giant sized spirit. He likes to tinker and fix things like Jared. I remember coming in on him in the kitchen when he was 4 or 5 years old. He had a screw driver and was unscrewing the screws which held my cabinet doors on. He is facinated when Jared is working on one of the vehicles, and can actually assist him a great deal- I have zero mechanical understanding and know that all comes from Jared! He has always loved trucks and motorbikes, but know he is old enough to really get into them. In fact, he is saving his money for his first dirt bike (I think Jared is more excited than him,which is hard to believe considering that Jacob isVERY excited!) He is a prankster like Jared and finds great joy in scaring/teasing his siblings/mom! But just as he is fun, he can be so sincere. I can count on him to follow the rules, and do what he is supposed to. Jacob is the first one of my children to say he is sorry- what an example to my other children. Happy Birthday dear Jacob!!

Free Airplane Rides!!

This is like the millionth reason why I LOVE to live in small towns....Castroville airport did a Kids Fly Free day, and my kids went to the small town airport....they explained the ins and outs of small aircraft and flying and then went up to the was Jacob's birthday-what a fun way to spend his special day.....the above pic of Heath is him enjoying the show!

B/C Chloe was so little, they let Jared ride with her, which gave us some fun pics of them in the sky!

Jacob's plane,was an actual plane from WW2 that actually trained the young pilots before going off to Europe!!

This is a picture of Megan getting ready to take off.....the pilot said he let Megan take the controls for a while so she was actually flying....

Soccer Saturday

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan!!

This is Megan on her eleventh birthday!! Like Chloe, she wanted a cute pair of cow-girl boots.....we probably visited a couple different boot stores a couple different times, looked a tons of different styles, tried on every kind of boot- she was definately 11!
It's hard to put into words all the things that I love about this cute girl-there are things about her that just make my heart smile, yet to find the words to fully understand why can sometimes be hard. There are special things about Megan, which have been apart of her spirit from the begining(eternally). Since a young age she has been a dearing friend and loving to those around her. She always treated others kindly and included those around her. Megan has also been anxious to live, and in the biggest way. I still remember when she was only 6 years old standing in line for the diving board, not the lower diving board, but the BIG diving board! All of my children are helpful, but Megan does things in a way that only Megan does (fresh cut flowers on the table and a special note to go with the deed).....Megan has traded barbies for make up and clothes.... she dreams about how fun high school will be with lockers, make-up and of course the PROM!! Megan has such a big spirit and brings so much joy and energy to any activity! She carries such a fun attitude, it's hard to not smile.Despite how sad I am that she is no longer little, I have enjoyed watching what a fun, beautiful young woman she is quickly turning into...Happy Birthday Miss Megan!!

Favorite past time

Jared has a big bucket of golf balls (why, I dont know)....when these boys get together (with the help of Ethan), they will spend all day or night dumping them out, putting them back in and then starting the fun all over...They even take the balls up to the slide, where the will drop them down, then slide down to pick them back up....Im not exaggerating on the time scope either-they can do this one activity for eternity it is so fun....I have a picture of the three of them but couldnt resist the urge to throw this one out there...note Heath's cowboy boots (very cute)!

September Birthdays!!

We had a small family party to wish Heath and Chloe a Happy Birthday!! We did chocolate cupcakes for Heath and white cupcakes with girly sprinkles for Chloe.....

Heath is now the big two and his world is getting bigger and bigger- he acts like he's got it all figured out, he can mimick the older children perfectly, so sometimes we forget he is still little, b/c he is such a good big-kid shadow!

Chloe is now six, and has grown leaps and bounds! She has her own way of doing things and anything pink is her preference.

Soccer Season 2011

This year Chloe is a "Purple Butterfly" ...this is her second year playing soccer and has already improved greatly! She has come from the little girls sitting picking flowers, to the little girl who chases the ball, and has even made a few goals this season- it has been loads of fun watching her grow into sports!

Heath is cute as ever, he makes a great spectator and you can even hear him cheering the team on during the game- serious cuteness!!

Soccer is one of Travis' all time sports and he has spent most of the season as a goalie and is a die hard goalie at that. It doesnt matter what position he plays, he is very competitive and gives it his all-goalie included!

Here Jacob is after his game with Heath. Jacob has spent most of the season as a forward post, so he gets to run all over with the ball. With those long legs he gets some serious speed!

Megan has also become more competitve and athletic-minded.....she has become more of a go getter than in years past, but does get a little nervous about getting hit with the ball in the head....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

happy Birthday Miss Chloe!!

This cute girl is sugar and spice and everything nice.....if I had one word to decribe her personality, it would be: FIRECRACKER (a sparkle and kaPOW rolled into one).....Chloe is alot of things, she is tenderness and strength,sweetness and mischief, spontenaety and determination...since she was a little sprout, she has been a friend magnet. We would go to stores,parks,walks- you name it and a crowd of little girls would gather around us- we could never put our finger on why other little girls were drawn to Chloe.....she didin't even seem to be the one initiating the approach, was it her sweet voice, her sparkly smile, or the mischief in her eyes? Since she could walk she has carried a skip and a hop in her walk along with a melody in her voice (her nickname is songbird). Last year, she got to pet a horse, Chloe volunteered to help take care of the horse, our friend told her she needed to have boots to be around the, of course what did Chloe want for her birthday : (pink) boots....I had completely forgotten the reason for the request but not Chloe, she remembers EVERYTHING. We often tease her about her super-senses (she actually takes great pride in them) we tell her she has eyes like a hawk, ears like a cat and a memory like an elephant! We are so blessed to have Chloe in our family, our home has been filled with laughs and giggles ever since....but don't be fooled by her sweet smile, she can be fiesty!!