Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob!

This is Jacob on his 10th birthday, after playing soccer, he flew up in a WW2 plane!!

Each of my children bring a different kind of love to my heart....the love thing is the same, but
it is as different as each of my lively children....Jacob makes my heart full for totally different reasons than my girls, with him, I see so much of Jared and so many of the qualities I love about him....Like all my other children, he too has a big giant sized spirit. He likes to tinker and fix things like Jared. I remember coming in on him in the kitchen when he was 4 or 5 years old. He had a screw driver and was unscrewing the screws which held my cabinet doors on. He is facinated when Jared is working on one of the vehicles, and can actually assist him a great deal- I have zero mechanical understanding and know that all comes from Jared! He has always loved trucks and motorbikes, but know he is old enough to really get into them. In fact, he is saving his money for his first dirt bike (I think Jared is more excited than him,which is hard to believe considering that Jacob isVERY excited!) He is a prankster like Jared and finds great joy in scaring/teasing his siblings/mom! But just as he is fun, he can be so sincere. I can count on him to follow the rules, and do what he is supposed to. Jacob is the first one of my children to say he is sorry- what an example to my other children. Happy Birthday dear Jacob!!

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