Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Soccer Season 2011

This year Chloe is a "Purple Butterfly" ...this is her second year playing soccer and has already improved greatly! She has come from the little girls sitting picking flowers, to the little girl who chases the ball, and has even made a few goals this season- it has been loads of fun watching her grow into sports!

Heath is cute as ever, he makes a great spectator and you can even hear him cheering the team on during the game- serious cuteness!!

Soccer is one of Travis' all time sports and he has spent most of the season as a goalie and is a die hard goalie at that. It doesnt matter what position he plays, he is very competitive and gives it his all-goalie included!

Here Jacob is after his game with Heath. Jacob has spent most of the season as a forward post, so he gets to run all over with the ball. With those long legs he gets some serious speed!

Megan has also become more competitve and athletic-minded.....she has become more of a go getter than in years past, but does get a little nervous about getting hit with the ball in the head....

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