Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tooth Fairy visits Chloe

This has been a BIG year for our dear little Chloe....She has started Kindergarten, she is learning to read, she is in the big girl's dance class and has now lost her FIRST tooth....The tooth fairy has been "on-call" for the past few days....her wiggly tooth was just begging to come out....luckily it held on long enough till Jared was around. At dinner, Jared offered to pull her tooth for her and I think he was most surprised when she accepted his offer. The two of them stepped out to the shed and only minutes later, she comes through the back door beaming! I gave her something to put her tooth in, and I kid you not with in five minutes the whole family was on their hands and knees in the kitchen looking for the tooth which had already disappeared. So Chloe and I wrote a lovely note to the tooth fairy explaining the problem and begging for mercy so she can still cash in on all the teeth brushing she has done to keep them sprarkly! Thank you Tooth Fairy!!