Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That's what MAN do

We were at Grandma Houghton's the other day and the boys were trying to endure the cold outside and ride their scooters...Megan too was trying to rollarblade...a cold front snuck up on us so we were all unprepared....Travis scrounged up a little jacket and girly polka dot socks from the van...Megan tried to get the boys to give her any extra bit of clothing to layer up with (she of course could not find anything in the van) Jacob gave her a quick NO, but when she asked Travis, he quickly started taking his jacket off and gave it to her...surprised by his generosity, she humbly thanked him....he shrugged it off and simply said, "that's what MAN do (man- not men)" Travis is a sweetie:)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Christmas Wish...

In years past, I never really have something specific (or exciting) I want for Christmas.... A new outfit, perfume or decor for my house...although I have wished for paint and a new countertop...but nothing really interesting....Well, I don't know if it is b/c my children are a little older that has allowed me to get "out" more often or if it is b/c I have somehow "evolved" on wanting fun things...regardless, my Christmas list this year was long....(vinyl letter cutter, photoshop program, digital photoframe, new countertop for my bathroom) Jared surprised me with this beautiful digital photoframe....it is AMAZING!!! It displays up to 1000 of my photos (I have already uploaded over 200!!) and slideshows them....there is also the option to add music to it....Anyways, the whole point of this post is talk up the digital photo frame...I always have a million photos I want to display and now they are all being displayed in one frame (of course, now I want one for every room!!)...EVERYONE should have a digital photoframe...p.s. for those of you who still don't own a digital camera(Lori) some of my pictures were scanned onto my computer and then uploaded onto my flash drive...even those old family pictures are on it...did I mention AMAZING?!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 Family Letter

I sent this letter out to loved ones who lived out of town...hopefully everyone got their Christmas cards in time, although I know there were a handfull that might be coming the day after-sorry!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
It sounds so cliché to say how time flies….but 2008 came and went in the blink of an eye! Now that our children are older, we have been busy keeping up with their schedule. So, here I am, putting a few things down for the record.
Jared… busy as always. He finished his fifth house this spring, and is hoping to get number 6 going this upcoming spring. He still serves as the Elders Quorum President, which keeps him busy as well. In his spare time, he golfs, golfs and golfs some more. He has started entering local tournaments-which he enjoys. He is getting a little close to the obsessive side- but not yet! His schedule always opens up for a game of basketball, a new episode of This Old House, paint balling, and a movie with me:)
Mandy… has been a taxi driver (ballet, soccer,baseball,football,school plays), a cheerleader, an after school tutor (home work, reading and spelling words), a baker (after school cookies and smoothies), a fashion consultant (getting dressed and out the door), a culinary genius (doing wonders w/ PB&J and spaghetti- not together though!), interior designer (made drapes for my dining room), and a book collector (don’t read as much as I’d like, but somehow found time to read the Twilight series). In my spare time, I do Achievement Days, Nursery, and the Activity Director (party planner) for the ward. In an ideal world, I would have more time to make cute signs, travel, write a few stories and eat as many homemade chocolate chip cookies with out gaining a single pound!
Megan…2008 has been a big year for her. Top 5: #5. Dance recitals #4. Going to Achievement Days with mom #3. receiving a trophy for soccer #2. raising (and selling) rabbits #1 turning eight and her special baptism day! There are never too many play days/girl parties with her friends, she LOVES to go shopping with mom and WITHOUT the boys. Painting fingernails, playing with makeup and “doing” hair are a favorite past time for her. She is in the bunny business, with a few very cheap employees (Jacob, Travis and even Chloe are more than happy to help take care of the bunnies for only a dollar or two!!) She loves to write music on her keyboard and play songs on the piano.
Jacob…Is a big 1st grader. He is constantly growing out of all his clothes- he has less than a foot to grow before he is as tall as I am! He has tried his hand at a few different sports this year: baseball and football. He says Golf is his favorite. In fact, he was telling me that a professional golfer can make more than a doctor and other top jobs- he might be spending too much time with Jared on the golf courses!! He never gets tired of riding the 4wheeler and catching/chasing bunnies. He holds the top score (108) for spelling tests in the Barton home (Megan held it for a while with 106). He looks forward to his special day next year when he turns eight and gets baptized like Megan.
Travis… would be most happy if he never had to wear shoes, climb trees all day and eat continually. Although he does like to take baths- sometimes as many as 3 in one day! He likes chocolate chip cookie dough, pizza w/mushrooms and bananas(not together). I often tell people his spirit is so big, his little five year old body is about to BURST! To know Travis is to love him.
Chloe… is a cutie, making tons of friends where ever she goes. She is still our little song bird, now she has a little move and groove to go with it. She talks up a storm and thinks Megan’s Barbies are lots of fun. She gets into tons of trouble with Travis, but he ditches her in a heart beat as soon as I come down the stairs, leaving her to fend for her self in the mist of trouble! Her big brothers and sister adore her- must be nice to be the baby of the family!
We hope you all feel of our Savior’s love and take the time to appreciate the many miracles that surround us all this upcoming year! Love,
Jared, Mandy, Megan, Jacob, Travis, Chloe

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daddy Daughter Campout

Jared organized a Daddy-Daughter campout for the Priesthood activity.....I forgot to pack blankets for them, so I drove back to drop blankets off...what I found was all the "older" girls like Megan were all hanging out together.....
And the "little" girls were following all the daddies around....All of my campers had a great time....In fact, my kids could go camping every weekend and be thrilled!!

Megan fishing at night....
While the girls were with dad, the boys and I had a date at the skate park- actually a double date...we met up their friends and a mom at the skate park where they had pizza and we went to a movie- Madagascar...it was probably the most obnoxious movie in the world...but we looked at the boys, and they were rolling in the isle!!

Happy Halloween

I love fall and all the fun traditions that go along with it....

Sorry it is Dec and I am just getting my Halloween pictures up!!

Pumpkin Carving

This is little Chloe, with her pumpkin carving partner....
She liked the pumpkin guts the best....

Miss Megan, working on gutting out the pumpkin....

Travis is all smiles...carving pumpkins is his kinda fun....

This is Mr Jacob, his 1st grade class went to a local pumpkin patch, where he picked that pumpkin and brought it home...it was a nice looking and perfectly shaped pumpkin- good job Jacob :)

Happy Birthday Jacob !!

I will be the first to tell you- I am terrible at decorating cakes...I am sorry children...that is why I love cupcakes
We rented this bouncy thing instead of a pinata...and I much prefer the bouncy thing. This is some of Jacob's friends (and cousins too) at his party.

His party was on Halloween night, and so we loaded the wagons and drove the kids all over town trick or treating...it was fun...and to top things off he even had a friend sleep over....He had a very special day- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!! (doesn't he look a year older- my big 7 year old)


Between Chloe's birthday, Megan's birthday and Jacob's birthday (23 day span)...My kitchen turned into Mandy's bakery, specializing in cupcakes. The chocolate ones are Jacob's-he love chocolate...
These pink and green ones are Megan and Chloe's....serious cupcake overload!!!

I did the math (w/cupcakes to parties, baptism luneon, class mates at school it came out to some ridiculous 12 dozen- did I mention the 23 day thing?)

Megan's Baptism Day

On Oct 19th, Megan was Baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, by her father Jared in Hondo Tx....it was a beautiful day- many, many friends and family traveled out there to share that special day with her....
Megan looked beautiful....

2008 Football Season

This is my big six-now 7 year old toward the end of football season....he liked it, but didn't love it...football is kinda complicated...
The Pop Warner program definately goes all out...it felt almost like a High School game...

Soccer Season comes to an end

The above picture is Megan, a Pink Flamingo. She was an awesome goalie!! All the girls on the team received a beautiful trophy (Megan has been coveting a trophy for YEARS!!).
This is a picture of The BLUE PANTHERS, we finished 2nd in our division( by one point!). The boys each received a bobble-head trophy....Travis had it just 48 hours (he just couldn't stop holding it) and the head came off- lucky for him his dad knows how to fix things!

Travis turns FIVE !!!

Travis has anxiously been waiting for his birthday for forever....and it has been especially hard watching everyone else celebrate a birthday before yours...so, with Dec 11th close approching, he let me take him to Miss Amanda's for a special BIRTHDAY haircut, for his special BIRTHDAY pictures, to send out his special BIRTHDAY invites to his party....
He was so excited to be taking his BIRTHDAY pictures, we had tons of cute shots in only a few minutes- he is so grown up!!

These last two are my personal favorites...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't be fooled

Just because I have a rudolph red background and carolers on my blog does not mean the Bartons are ready for Christmas...In fact I still have a giant plastic pumpkin on my front porch and mixture of Halloween/Fall with my Christmas stuff....Decorating is a major production, or I should say transitioning to a new holiday is a major production...I still have a list as long as Santa's naughty/nice of things to do hopefully before Christmas to get ready for Christmas....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bunnies for sale

Right now (it is 42 degrees outside), Jared and the kids are trying to catch a bunny....Someone stopped by to buy a bunny....if you have been to our house and tried to catch a bunny, you know that is no easy task...(we have tried to keep them in their house, but Chloe kept letting them all out)...anyways, a family showed up to buy a bunny, Jared some how talked them in to helping them catch one, so all my children, Jared and a whole other family spent about 20 mins (did I mention it was 42 degrees?) chasing about 20 bunnies in our yard (our bunny population has grown)....It turns out the father buying the bunny is the one who caught the bunny......I told Jared he should change the sign by our fence to say:
pay us $15.00
you can catch a bunny
we'll let you keep a bunny- which ever one you can catch!!


108.....no, that's not an address....nor is it a measurement....it is Jacob's spelling test grade....He spelled all the words on his list, PLUS his bonus words....for a beautiful total of 108......Megan thought she was safe with her top score of 106....but Jacob has set a new Barton Spelling Record!!