Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daddy Daughter Campout

Jared organized a Daddy-Daughter campout for the Priesthood activity.....I forgot to pack blankets for them, so I drove back to drop blankets off...what I found was all the "older" girls like Megan were all hanging out together.....
And the "little" girls were following all the daddies around....All of my campers had a great time....In fact, my kids could go camping every weekend and be thrilled!!

Megan fishing at night....
While the girls were with dad, the boys and I had a date at the skate park- actually a double date...we met up their friends and a mom at the skate park where they had pizza and we went to a movie- was probably the most obnoxious movie in the world...but we looked at the boys, and they were rolling in the isle!!

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