Friday, May 27, 2011

Easter Egg Hunting

I don't even know if all of my children were in this picture, in fact, I'm pretty sure Chloe is wandering in the background somewhere.....

2011 Year End Talent Show

thie is a picture of Travis in "Golidilocks and the tree bears" -he is father bear....these are some of his first grade friends.....

Megan and her friend, Sydney in the talent show.....Megan wrote a comedy fashioned after the show, Sonny with a Chance and it was very cute; Jacob was happy to keep his spot with his friends in the audience....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter.....Barton style

Cinco de Mayo parade

So many reasons why I love small town living.....every year our little school does a parade through the neighborhoods with costumes, mini floats, instraments and tons of smiles!! Here we are with our prime spots......although Chloe was a little disappointed that no one passed out candy....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jacob's Prize Cabbage

A few months ago, the school sent home a cabbage seedling for the children to grow....they could enter the cabbage into a contest where the winner wins a scholarship.....scholarship or not, Jacob has taken care of the cabbage and this cabbage has exceeded all of our expectations.....This picture was taken around Easter 2011....

Baseball Field

We are "watching" Travis' baseball game.....but little 1 year olds get bored fast!!

Walking inTravis shoes

Mr Heath LOVES shoes....he can spend all morning at the shoe bucket, pulling them all out and then going through them to try different shoes on......In fact he can say the word shoe and if you ask him about shoes he will go get his shoes....this boy loves shoes!!

Mothers Day/Birthday morning

I was in good hands Mothers Day/Birthday, even though Jared was out of children showered me with thoughfulness (like pancakes in bed-early in the morning)

Cub Scout Pack 471

This is Travis' troop heading out on a Hwy clean up service project.....

Forgotten Favorites

we got the idea for this game (Reindeer Game) from a ward Christmas Party and has become a tradition for the Barton family and here we are at the end of the game.....yay for Christmas!!


This baby is growing so seems he growing overnight....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Posted by Picasawhen i was in high school.....i doodled a picture of my dream had a house surrounded by trees and flowers with a dog, duck and a was a two story house....standing next to me was a man wearing a tie decorated with hearts and in need of a shave- the man of my dreams.....i am by no means artistic but i did have a clear vision that i wanted to live in the country surrounded by country life with a man that was everything "manly" (thnks Laura Ingalls) and yet could be everything sunday too.....and when my neighborhood is covered with a patchwork of everything country (sunflowers,corn,wheat and cotton) i can't help but think back to that doodle from high school and smile!!