Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Posted by Picasawhen i was in high school.....i doodled a picture of my dream had a house surrounded by trees and flowers with a dog, duck and a was a two story house....standing next to me was a man wearing a tie decorated with hearts and in need of a shave- the man of my dreams.....i am by no means artistic but i did have a clear vision that i wanted to live in the country surrounded by country life with a man that was everything "manly" (thnks Laura Ingalls) and yet could be everything sunday too.....and when my neighborhood is covered with a patchwork of everything country (sunflowers,corn,wheat and cotton) i can't help but think back to that doodle from high school and smile!!


Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

ha! i remember that picture. you have had the dog and the duck now you just need the cow. and didn't you have a pond in that picture as well?

The Barton Family said...

yup....there was a pond, good memory

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

so when are you getting a pond? and wasn't there a tree swing as well?