Sunday, February 6, 2011


well, was more like snow was fluffy and powdery but hardly enough for a snow ball, a snow man was totally out, somehow it was enough for the schools to shut down and it was an official snow day! We "celebrated" with a snow day breakfast and hot cocoa for breakfast....snow days are great if your a kid but snow days were a pain if your a mom- gloves,socks,shoes,hats, coats and jackets times 4!

Heath in January!

These are misc pics of Heath in's weird b/c if there arent any posts for January it almost as though January never happened.....Heath goes to nursery in March and no one is happy about it esp mom who is not ready for him to get big- even a little bit!

Blue and Gold for Pack 304

These are the Barton Boys at the Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scout Pack 304 (Jacob's pack)....Jared has just been called to be a den leader....he does have a shirt but he grew out of his old one (go figure) and his wife didn't get his patches on in time......Travis is a Tiger this year and was stoked to finally have his scout was a fun night- soup and potatoes!

Time with Dad!

Jared surprised us one day and quit work early, early like before the older kids came home from school. This meant Chloe and Heath had dad all to themseves, so they made castles and dug tunnels in the sand box.....

I'm stuck!!

It seems that overnight this baby has turned into a notorious, to avoid him climbing up, I keep my chairs all pushed in under the table...only to run into this problem : being constantly summoned to rescue this cute baby from under the table and between the chair!!