Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disneyworld 2011

Happy Birthday Travis!!

This kid celebrated his eighth birthdaymore than a month ago (yes, Im a terrible mom!) and has grown leaps and bounds. It has been wonderful to watch how he has grown into the cute boy he is now. Travis has always had a big spirit, with a drive to live in the biggest way since the begining. In fact, I often tease him that he would have had a grand time in the 19th century. Travis is a tree climbing, barefoot running, ball throwing, high jumping, outside the box thinker kind of boy. I have been pleasantly surprised by his interest in school, really trying to do well and reaching his academic goals. He is my most competative child, taking competitions to a whole new level at the Barton home. The quality I admire most about this guy is that he lives in such a big way,which has made for some memorable memories!