Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bunnies for sale

Right now (it is 42 degrees outside), Jared and the kids are trying to catch a bunny....Someone stopped by to buy a bunny....if you have been to our house and tried to catch a bunny, you know that is no easy task...(we have tried to keep them in their house, but Chloe kept letting them all out)...anyways, a family showed up to buy a bunny, Jared some how talked them in to helping them catch one, so all my children, Jared and a whole other family spent about 20 mins (did I mention it was 42 degrees?) chasing about 20 bunnies in our yard (our bunny population has grown)....It turns out the father buying the bunny is the one who caught the bunny......I told Jared he should change the sign by our fence to say:
pay us $15.00
you can catch a bunny
we'll let you keep a bunny- which ever one you can catch!!

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