Saturday, October 1, 2011

happy Birthday Miss Chloe!!

This cute girl is sugar and spice and everything nice.....if I had one word to decribe her personality, it would be: FIRECRACKER (a sparkle and kaPOW rolled into one).....Chloe is alot of things, she is tenderness and strength,sweetness and mischief, spontenaety and determination...since she was a little sprout, she has been a friend magnet. We would go to stores,parks,walks- you name it and a crowd of little girls would gather around us- we could never put our finger on why other little girls were drawn to Chloe.....she didin't even seem to be the one initiating the approach, was it her sweet voice, her sparkly smile, or the mischief in her eyes? Since she could walk she has carried a skip and a hop in her walk along with a melody in her voice (her nickname is songbird). Last year, she got to pet a horse, Chloe volunteered to help take care of the horse, our friend told her she needed to have boots to be around the, of course what did Chloe want for her birthday : (pink) boots....I had completely forgotten the reason for the request but not Chloe, she remembers EVERYTHING. We often tease her about her super-senses (she actually takes great pride in them) we tell her she has eyes like a hawk, ears like a cat and a memory like an elephant! We are so blessed to have Chloe in our family, our home has been filled with laughs and giggles ever since....but don't be fooled by her sweet smile, she can be fiesty!!

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Grace said...

Tell Chloe to bring her boots when she comes to Alabama and she can ride our horses!