Saturday, October 22, 2011

Free Airplane Rides!!

This is like the millionth reason why I LOVE to live in small towns....Castroville airport did a Kids Fly Free day, and my kids went to the small town airport....they explained the ins and outs of small aircraft and flying and then went up to the was Jacob's birthday-what a fun way to spend his special day.....the above pic of Heath is him enjoying the show!

B/C Chloe was so little, they let Jared ride with her, which gave us some fun pics of them in the sky!

Jacob's plane,was an actual plane from WW2 that actually trained the young pilots before going off to Europe!!

This is a picture of Megan getting ready to take off.....the pilot said he let Megan take the controls for a while so she was actually flying....

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