Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan!!

This is Megan on her eleventh birthday!! Like Chloe, she wanted a cute pair of cow-girl boots.....we probably visited a couple different boot stores a couple different times, looked a tons of different styles, tried on every kind of boot- she was definately 11!
It's hard to put into words all the things that I love about this cute girl-there are things about her that just make my heart smile, yet to find the words to fully understand why can sometimes be hard. There are special things about Megan, which have been apart of her spirit from the begining(eternally). Since a young age she has been a dearing friend and loving to those around her. She always treated others kindly and included those around her. Megan has also been anxious to live, and in the biggest way. I still remember when she was only 6 years old standing in line for the diving board, not the lower diving board, but the BIG diving board! All of my children are helpful, but Megan does things in a way that only Megan does (fresh cut flowers on the table and a special note to go with the deed).....Megan has traded barbies for make up and clothes.... she dreams about how fun high school will be with lockers, make-up and of course the PROM!! Megan has such a big spirit and brings so much joy and energy to any activity! She carries such a fun attitude, it's hard to not smile.Despite how sad I am that she is no longer little, I have enjoyed watching what a fun, beautiful young woman she is quickly turning into...Happy Birthday Miss Megan!!

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