Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Heath!!

This little guy is all kinds of happiness bundled into one small package.....he brings joy on so many levels, it feels inadaquet to put words to them. He may be in a small body, but his spirit feels so big.....When I watch him interact with my other children, I cant help but feel he has been around us more than his short two years, I know that he has been with us forever, and even though we had been apart for a while, he was still close by us. I cant help but feel as though there is more happiness with this baby, not because he is any different, but our experience with Heath is on more levels-watching my older children love him and he love them just adds to the experience....He makes car sounds, and gun-shooting sounds, he loves to play ball with dad and the boys, and when theyre not around he plays by himself (basball,soccer,football and esp golf- he has a melt down when I take the golf club back outside)....loves to sit by the shoe bucket and try on everyones shoes....he is just a little busy guy, trying to enjoy every moment along the way.

Some of the words he can say are: ball,sit,outside,go,shoes,no,dad,mommy,jacob!!

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Emma Karen said...

I sure hope you all are coming up here for Shawnee's wedding cause I seriously miss you guys so much. It's not even ok.