Friday, September 26, 2008

Soccer stats

I am sure everyone is very curious how our soccer season is going...for starts, there was a misunderstanding about the whole asst coach thing...I am Travis' COACH....he was very upset, so I made Jared the asst coach, and just tell Travis that daddy is the coach.....Travis' team- I think we call ourselves the Panthers(the blue Panthers b/c we are blue) we had our first scrimmage a couple of days ago, and our team things look somewhat was fun to watch Megan at her scrimmage- this is her first SPORT, she has always done dance, she is not competitive at all and is just happy to be on the field in her cute pink soccer socks that go to her knee and cute pink soccer shoes- it's priceless :)

Jacob is enjoying his football-not tons, but warming up to it...I think he is still trying to figure it all out, despite all the games he watches w/dad and practicing ....his team won their last game and he was on the field when it winning always makes everything more fun....if you ask him what his favorite sport is though, he will tell you GOLF.....

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Cumorah said...

Hey Mandy. I like your new format! I told you it was easy. I seriously think I will change mine up every month or so.