Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bunny Talk

I was at school the other day...on my way to Megan's class actually...on the way I passed Jacob's class...outside their door the teachers display artwork or papers the children had written...Jacob had written " My family has bunnies. I love them" underneath was a piture he had drawn perfectly identifying each of our bunnies (brown, brown & white, grey & white) I love reading sentimental papers my babies have written :)

Megan came home with a paper she had written about these cute bunnies...the subject was favorite birthday present...which she stated " My favorite birthday present is my bunny Furball. For my next birthday I want a keyboard." These bunnies have a good life here and my children love them sooo much...although we keep waiting for baby bunnies to show up....we're still waiting!!

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