Sunday, September 28, 2008


This year, was the first year with a CRAZY schedule...but when I committed us to these activities, it would only be crazy for a few weeks and then...things would settle down, well, Saturday was a collossal of a day as far as glitches in our scheduling....Saturday:
Jared had to work until 10:30AM
11 AM Megan's soccer game
12pm Travis soccer game ( I had to pass out shirts/socks prior to the game)
1PM Jacob had to be in San Antonio for a football game (Grandma was nice enough to take him)
1:30PM Jared's first golfing tournament started

I also had the Relief Society broadcast/dinner but Jared's tournament didn't end until 6PM and to be honest- I was dead tired!!! I think this crazy schedule is supposed to go downhill from there....
Just think, with every child...I spent my morning looking for soccer shoes, washing Megan's soccer shorts, making sure everyone ate their breakfast, had their uniforms, an extra pair of shoes to change out of, and got into the was insane!!

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