Monday, September 1, 2008

Things found in the laundry chute....

I LOVE having a laundry chute...could not imagine life in a two story house with out one....BUT with a laundry chute and four children there comes an element of surprise evry time the chute gets opend/dropped- whatever you want to call the release of jammed pack dirty clothes..... These are the top 10 things that have gone through the laundry chute:
9. pillows (they often clog the chute...but some how find their way back in the chute)
8. books
7. legos (the big toddler kind)
6. belts
5. barbie dolls and all their stuff
4. dinosaurs
3. Travis has been stuck inside- but never came out the bottom, does that count??
2. wet towels from bathtubs that have spilled over- often provokes mom to give lengthy speeches that no one listens to
1.Pirate ships/barbie cars

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