Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! her birthday is actually October 17th, but this girl almost always beats me out of bed, so here I am staying up late on the 16th to tell her just how special she is to us {me}....Megan has always had a big spirit bursting with life from the moment she was born (fall rainy day)....There are so many wonderful things about our dear Megan.....from the time she was a little girl she has always had a sense of conquering the world and living life to it's absolute her dad, she has always had an entrprenurial spirit about her which has left her dreaming up all sorts of ways to earn an income (even at 4 and 5)She has been blessed to have many talents which include dancing, art and even singing.....she is always cheerful and willing to help others (esp her mother who is always a few hands short), a friend to everyone, and an imagination big enough to satisfy to most indulgent....even in a little body, her bold and daring sense of adventure makes her old mother timid....Happy Birthday Dear Megan and may fireworks light up the sky on your very special day !!

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