Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celebrating Megan's 10th Birthday

We no longer occupy a table, but we must reserve a corner at resteraunts.....
We invited the pressgroves, and our friend Greg to join us for Megan's big birthday dinner and had alot of fun!!

One of Megan's (all of ours actually) favorite resteraunts is the Texas Roadhouse....w/unlimited fresh rolls to eat while we wait for our meal.....LOVE IT!!


Sydney said...

They still make hot sticks? I thought you had been holding onto yours for dear life, I had no idea they still make those things! I love that you're a creature of habit and still use those!

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

Syd you can find them at wal-mart! I think i still have my set somewhere in a box. Now they come in fun colors