Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boy Language

I make no pretense in even beginning to coming close to understand boys(we'll go as far as husbands too)...I don't understand how theire mind works, how they connect their thoughts or even their motivation or desires and what drives them to do or NOT do for that matter....Seriously, I could write a book on all the things I see my boys {husbands too} do or DON'T be specific: Travis was grabbing some clothes to wear for school this morning, and I noticed that it was the SAME pair of pants he wore for the past 3 consecutive days....Now, on the third day I chose to look past this and not make a big deal, but the 4th day was just too much (esp if you saw how hard this kid plays, crawling in the dirt, climbing every fence, burrying himself in the gravel rocks at the play yard)...The kid has about 6 or 7 pairs of pants and several pairs of shorts that look practically brand new and will probably be to small hear soon and never have been to school....In fact when I tried to "persuade" him to wear another pair of pants, the only other pair of trousers that were even negotiable were a pair of plaid shorts that he has the same tendencies with (to wear them until his mother hides them in the laundry chute)....he made a big stink told me I was the worst mother in all the world and even made the meanest face I have ever seen him made, he did in fact put on another very nice pair of shorts and looked rather nice {I was feeling good about how nice and well dressed he looked} I went to helped Megan finish getting ready for school, I noticed that he hadn't left yet and found him hiding in Jared's office behind the couch in the dark, switching out the nice and clean shorts for the dirty grimmy 4 days worn pants....and as I am asking him why, he says "they just don't feel right!" and he left for school....his teacher must wonder why Megan and Jacob look so nice and he looks like he slept in the dirty clothes hamper!

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