Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm gonna marry....

On the way to church today little miss Chloe announced to everyone that she was going to marry (brother) Travis....He looked like a deer in the head lights, "uh, uh!!" is all he could mutter for a response (still in shock) "But I like you Travis!!" Jacob tried to tell Chloe that she couldn't marry her brother.....She then responded, "Then I'll marry Jacob" By this point we were smiling, "NO!" is all Jacob said......"Then I'll marry baby Heath"......Then it was Ethan, then it was Baby Blayne......we tried to explain that she had to marry some other cute boy.....Megan then reminded her that she had so much fun with (cousin) Easton in Utah....but he is far enough removed for her that we left it that....Chloe plans to marry Easton.....she is such a funny girly girl :)

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emmakaren said...

Definitely that just made my day! Someday she'll be like me and have a marriage list with 20+ boys on it! Just wait, Aunt Mandy. :) Tell them all hello for me and also that I miss them tons! Cause I seriously do!
Cousin Emma