Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Happy Birthday Jacob!! This boy may have well been named Jared Jr b/c he has so many of Jared's qualities it still amazes me....One of the strongest similarities he shares is his gift to feel deeply(which he guards ) he feels for others and can be saddened by others more deeply than any one else(except his match- Jared)....he will say and make comments which show his deep concern or love for those around him........much like his dad, he has a mechanical mind and used to entertain himself by unscrewing, taking off, then putting back on and rescrewing the hinges to my cabinet doors.....he likes to build and is currently undertaken an everexpanding fort on the other side of my fence.....he has a weakness for chocolate and more chocolate.....he loves to bike ride, skateboard and other cool things...He never tires of playing with babies and taking care of our little Heath.....I am surprised at how well rounded he is, taking an interested in so many different types of things (cooking, building stuff, skateboarding, reading to Heath and Chloe)....Happy Birthday dear Jacob and may fireworks fill the skies on your special day!

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