Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the good the bad and the ugly

I always try to show my children{daughters especially} the beauty of being a mother......but there are lots of moments when my oldest Megan can see through those not so wonderful was a few days before Grandpa Barton's funeral, and we were spending almost all day and a good part of the evening driving back and forth from San Antonio to our house....we were tired, out of our schedule and just plain exhausted....somehow somewhere a stomach virus moved in on ALL of us....slowly taking us out one by was with it's first victim which caught us of was late at night and I was driving home alone with all the children on the last stretch of our drive (maybe 20 miles left) Chloe starts throwing up in the back, several times over , my car was plum full of stuff from my mom's house and the two boys who had been sitting next to her were fighting for the nearest window ....Chloe was screaming at the top of her lungs {for obvious reasons} the two boys were fighting/screaming over the smell and they thought they were going to now throw up....Megan, who had been sitting in the safest part of the car (as throw-up is concerned) smiling over all the drama says, " Man, it's tough to be a mom" ......AMEN I thought, at moments like this, it is tough to be a mom!!


Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

it came home to our house today. Ethan has barfed a couple of times and when he finnal crashed and burned for a nape (he is still sleeping at 7p) he has been sweating enough to soak the pillow and he has been holdong his belly and crying owie every now and again on top of his snotty nose :(

The Barton Family said...

yup, that is from us...sorry

emmakaren said...

Wasn't that just the greatest addition to an already fabulous weekend?! JOKE. I love how all the bad things seem to strike at once. But tell all my crazy cousins hi and that I love them! And give Chloe a kiss on the cheek for me! :)