Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break Campout

This was a weekend trip, the entire week before, the forecast was supposed to be great...and just two days before it began to change (as it often does in Texas) all was well Fri night...the kids played games, roasted marshmellows, they even have a night-time put put set up which the kids LOVE...we were also right on the lake which was great....then at about 4am a lightning/sprinkle storm came in....and by 5 am a full fledge rain/lightning/thunder/wind storm- Texas style.....Chloe began to cry b/c of the thunder, then Megan reported water coming in....everyone was put on the air mattress....then we made one mad dash (dad made 4 or 5 dashes to the truck) to the truck, by the time we did evacuate, there had been so much rain we almost got stuck in the mud....we then abandoned the campsite! Dad and Jacob returned to the seen of the devestation only to discover the destruction of everyones tent's! SO, we're currently looking for a new tent!

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