Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barton family

I think Jared's family has given up on having the kind of family picture where EVERYONE is in the picture....even in this crowded picture, there are 10 people missing, not to mention it will once again be outdated in just a few weeks....thank goodness for photo-shop!!


Sydney said...

Jared's parent's just reached that point. We're having pictures this Sunday and it's a "come if you can", "wear what you want" and "does anyone have a tripod!" Far cry from what it use to be.

emmakaren said...

haha. Ya... It's pretty impossible for us to get a pic with everyone where everyone looks decent. Maybe we should do that for gma and gpa's 50th. Hire a photographer or something. Wow, I feel smart. I totally thought of that all on my own! Score!