Friday, March 26, 2010

4 going on 14

Chloe and I were in S.A. today for her dance class....on the way home, a couple of stops: gas and a DI drop off, while we were meandering through a trecherous car-packed parking lot....Chloe talks and talks and talks (like another daughter I love), any ways, the long and the short of this story is Chloe says BOOYAH (sp?)....It caught me by surprised and smiled....but then, come on mom, say BOOYAH....(just a note, 30 yr olds feel kind of weird saying booyah) so in a boring kind of way, mom, like this BOOYAH!!! with all of my motherly love for her, I manged a peppy BOOYAH!..... good job mom! it was a totally cute Chloe moment :)

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