Sunday, November 8, 2009

School starts 2009

This was Travis' first year in school, and it couldn't have come soon enough...I have never seen a little boy more excited to be at school than Travis....In fact, he still LOVES going to school and it is Novemeber!! Travis' teacher is Mrs. Martinez, the same kinder teacher Megan had...Jacob felt pretty good starting 2nd grade, he has Mrs. Casiano who Megan had as well....but my dear Megan had a serious case of nerves about strting 3rd grade....she had heard that it was very hard and the teachers very mean....but after much pursuasion and comforting, she has discovered that the work isn't that hard and she enjoys her teacher Mrs Kindred... The kids meet their teacher the week before school starts and the last pics are of them on the first day of school....

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