Thursday, November 19, 2009

old journal entry

I was going through some old journal entries....and came across some notes of random things which had being going on in our crazy household...I discovered what a miracle it was that I didn't need any strong medication to keep my sanity...this entry was about spring 2006

"Travis has untwisted the knobs off my dresser
I now have Jacob’s belt tying my two fridge doors shut
I caught Travis snacking on dinner (spaghetti sauce) with a screw driver
The microwave is unplugged at all times
He was the last one I pulled out of the car, when I came back he had found my lipstick and smeared it all over the passenger side door
Megan learned how to ride a bike w/ a two wheeler on the 26th of March (2006)
She has also informed me that she no longer needs to use kid plates, she can use real plates
She can now do the monkey-bars
Jacob helped me feed chloe rice cereal, when I stepped out to help Megan’s blister’s(from practicing the monkey bars) when I came back, he had added Gatorade and said she loved the Gatorade cereal."

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Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

you may not have needed any heavy medication, but I know ther had to been heavy diet coke drinking involved. :)