Thursday, November 19, 2009

a ketchup sandwhich

Since Feb., the world at the Barton home has been morning sickness was so bad, I couldn't get out of bed until April almost May, and even then I wasn't even close to par given all the things on my to-do list (like stay on top of 4 children and everything that goes with it), then b/c of my blood pressure, I started slowing down at the end of July/first of make a long story kids often times had to fend for themselves until a grandma could come or dad came home from work....and fend for themselves included get them something to eat....Now I can look back and be proud of how independent my children can be.....but my dear Chloe has aquired a taste for her favorite self-made sandwhich....a ketchup sandwhich.....while I was bed ridden, she would make herself a ketchup sandwhich, which she is embarasing to go to friends houses and when she is asked if she wants a PBJ sandwhich like all the OTHER children, she requests very politely, a KETCHUP sandwhich which causes a lot of looks to come my a mother, a ketchup sandwhich goes against everything I represent....or used to represent...I (used to ) take pride in my children eating very nutrionaly balanced meals....but now a mother of 5, I have convinced myself that nutrion can be found in the most trivial and un-noticable places, like ketchup....which comes from tomatoes which must have some vitamin c or something in it somewhere??


Annissa said...

I totally agree as I am in the same boat with my 5 kids. It is called survival!

Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

This comming from a person who as a child even early teenager would put Ketchup on everything she ate. there is no surprise the child LOVES ketchup. At least she is getting the fiber from the bread