Thursday, July 30, 2009

hot in texas

In Texas, during the predictable hot summer....horror stories go something like this...."and then our a/c went out" or "we didn't even have a/c".....and yes, for the hottest summer on record, the Barton's have a horror story of their own....I'm seven months pregnant, we have an average heat index of 107 degrees which has lasted almost ALL summer which means we stay inside almost ALL day when we aren't at the community pool.....our upstairs a/c unit went out (it was fried)!!! Lucky for us though there was still the downstairs which now went into overdrive constantly sensing the 30 degree temp variance.....Jared, brought down several mattresses from the upstairs so we could "comfortably" camp down stairs....Jared (and the kids) thought camping downstairs, all of us together was SOOOO much fun....did I mention I was seven months pregnant- there are very few things which are so much fun....After 6 days, the fun has (finally) come to an end....we have our very own horror story, which will probably start out something like..." It was the hottest summer on record, and I was 7 months pregnant when our a/c went out !!!"


Mary Ellen and Kevin said...

time to go camping at grandma's house.. Jared just needs to fix the fan in the one room or it won;t matter that she has a working a/c

Mercedes Johnson said...

I had no idea that you were pregnant!That is so cool.Except the no a/c,otherwise it's cool!At our house, the a/c works fine and Maria and Sadie are pregnant.