Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A story about Travis

Because a blog is a journal, I've decided to include stories about my children that I have not written down...that way when I print the blog pages I can remember how cute they were.....So, I thought I would start with Travis- I think he has the free-est spirit :)

Once upon a time....a long long time ago (1 year ago to be exact)....our family was on it's monthly SAM'S run to fill our carts with food......We were in line to check out-by this point my kids are tired of using their "store", like always, we sent our kids to sit at the tables to wait for us to finish paying...On this particular shopping trip, I went over to sit with Travis...I noticed he was chewing/chomping on something....I asked him to open his mouth...and there was a big wad of gum in there...I didn't buy any gum and I know there wasn't any gum on the conveyor first reaction was that he stole some gum and the rest of it was going to be in his pocket( we had had some incidents of gum snatching begfore) ...I asked him where he got the gum from and very honestly pointed to underneath the table....and sure enough there was a wide range of color choices to choose from....well, the rest is history- I think I screamed in shock,he spit out the gum and the next few days I watched him to see if he developed spots or any other indications of contracting a disease....Life is never hum drum with Travis...

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