Sunday, August 17, 2008

Royal Flush

Still trying to jot down all those many memories...One of my favorite Megan memories was when she was only three years old...she had only been potty trained for a few months....We were visiting a Burger King and of course she had to go.....This Burger King had just been re-modled and so it was a very modern bathroom (everything automated).... Megan had been sitting on "the throne"- and when your little it takes a while to get situated and focused.....Megan made one false moove and sure enough the toilet flushed by itself....not just w/any was the super-duty, heavy industrial swoosh that sent Megan straight up in the air....Even to this day she has never come across anything that made her that scared- she thought her life was over!!!
In fact it was a good six to nine months before she could use public bathrooms with out have an anxiety attack!!

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