Thursday, August 14, 2008

I kid you not

My children- my boys actually, often remind me of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn(we actually call Travis Huck every once and a while) well, last Saturday they had one of those moments.....Jared has been working on a job site where the family has a couple of acres-or woods as my children call it....Occassionally they go to work w/Jared for a while and like to "explore" in the woods.....Any one who Knows Texas woods...there are bugs called chiggers (my Canadian friend calls them the invisible bugs-b/c you can't see them)...Such was the case last Saturday...while they were out"in the woods" they had to go the bathroom....They dropped their pants and did their business and didn't mention anything else about it...well, while I was doing bathtime that night I noticed all of the "bites"...Travis alone had a minimum of 60 bites-he wouldnt stand still long enough for me to get past 60 and Jacob too!!!!!!! They were only in the area of where there underwear covers.....We treated the Chiggers but there isn't much you can do for them once theyve bitten you....Come Monday morning, Jacob was having a reaction to a chigger bit in an oh-so-sensitive area...we had major swelling and had to rush him to the doctor...Travis had some swelling but nothing like Jacob...Travis began crying as we pulled up to the doctor's parking lot saying that he didn't want a shot (it was legitimate, he remembered his immunization visit last) Jacob tried to console Travis saying that Dad said no on would need a shot and that the doctor was just going to give medicine...Travis responded by saying "mom and dad are tricking us_I dont want a shot!" well, once the doctor got over the shock of Jacob's swelling...Jacob actually did have to get a shot and Travis lucked out w/just an antihistimine.....They say they don't want to go to the woods again-ever!!

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