Thursday, August 7, 2008


Three days ago I had one of those moments where you get reminded of those invisble know, the ones you don't even know existed b/c you're safe and all is well...One of my worries(there are several) now that I have babies, is to have a tire blow out-esp my front tires, where it could cause a rollover or something-we do a lot of freeway miles....Well, I had been running(driving) all over SanAntonio w/a car full of kids- dropping off cousins after a sleepover, we returned home like always, began unloading all the sleepy the third child there was a loud pow- my left front tire blewout in the driveway!!! Had I decided to do any extra errands in town, it could have been a disaster!! I am sooo grateful for ALL my blessings...especially the ones I don't ever know about b/c we are always safe !!!

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