Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mr Travis

This is our Travis.... who is now the big four....his nickname is Huck-although Chloe calls him Homer (it's his middle name). He LOVES: broccoli (little trees), watermelon, banana, yogurt, mushroom pizza, popsicles, his cowboy boots, working w/dad, doing cartwheels, riding his tonka bike, playing outside, being brave- we often tell him he has a warrior spirit b/c of his daddy-size courage, he often goes through a variety of phases, right now it is anti-jammies and re-wearing his favorite outfit over and over and over again!! Getting dressed for primary on sunday (in Sunday clothes) has been the biggest battle (the mother of all battles) and so there has been a comprimise- he can wear his play clothes under his sunday he goes to primary (in July) wearing two outfits! We love him and all his Travis-ness.

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