Monday, June 23, 2008

Feeling Better

Today Megan had tubes put in her ears-again. The last time she had tubes put in was when she was three....she has terrible ear problems (has since the day she was born, ear infections @ her 2 week appt). But now the ear problem is affecting her hearing and already created a hearing we were at the hospital at 5AM (which means we had to leave just after 4AM to get there) So far so good....She has a high threshold of pain AND very little fear which makes for a good patient. It's amazing how an endless supply of popsicles make the world a much better place!!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a long day for y'all. I hope Megan's feeling better soon! We love you!!!

Tarra said...


So excited to see your blog. What an adorable family. How did you get three children to smile at once? I can't even get two out of three to smile at the same time. I guess I'll start a blog when I get a pic of all smiling at the same time. :)

Nice to see ya'll are doing well. Still think of you every time I hear the word brisket! :)

P.S. We love Primary colors too! Heather gave it to me for a baby present for my #3. Such fun!

Love You! Tarra

Chana & Fred said...

I'm so happy you're a blogger!!
I can't believe how big your kids are! They are all so cute.