Monday, June 23, 2008


This is our Megan....She is full of life and energy...we call her our little early bird b/c just before the sun rises she springs out of bed ready to fill her day with a long list of fun. She enjoys making new friends and is not scared to get out in front of people. Her favorites inclurde: tinkerbelle green & yellow, spaghetti, mickey mouse pancakes, chinese food, stcking cards, she's a whiz at scrabble, anything Barbie. You can often find her with a sketch pad drawing and coloring,as well as writing cute stories. She longs for the day her mom and dad will let her have a cell phone or ipod. She has a pet rabbit named Furball that loves her b/c she takes such good care of him. She dreams of being an animal doctor in Hawaii. She takes ballet and cheerleading. Megan can't wait until her special day when she gets baptized this fall.

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