Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BEAR by:Travis Barton

I have a bear. He will lift me on his back. I love my bear! And I have a mom and me. And I have a dog.

In Kinder, the children draw a picture and then write about it. This is one of Travis' recent drawings/'s a cute picture of him on a bear's back in the woods. I have purple hair and a purple body next to him and the bear. The dog is in the air above the bear and Travis. There is also a green bird, a red flower and I think a butterfly-very cute....It is ALSO very interesting to compare the different styles of writing and interests identified in their writings. Meg: beautifully illustrated,and imaginitive... Jacob: his main character was ALWAYS him and his dad-occassionally Travi,s about time spent together (I used to tease him that his teacher would think he lived alone with his dad).... Travis: the word LOVE is usually in there somewhere and mom.....

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