Friday, October 24, 2008

My Travis Barton

Travis drew this picture of "me" on his new chalk board/magnet board....He told me this is my happy face when he cleans his room...and yes, we had just done the impossible and had jsut cleaned his room.....I was pleased that he didn't draw my frowny face when his room isn't clean.....I love Travis.....and I love my children's art work.


Nephi & Kirsten said...


Guess what??? This is Nephi!! Man, I haven't talked to you guys in such a long time. I love your blog! Everybody seems like they're growing up so fast! Chloe especially! I'm going to try and keep more in touch with ya'll... Oh yeah. We have a blog too! We just started it last week ( Hope things are going well. Say hi to everyone for me.


ps- Jared, the bathroom looks like it turned out great!

Sydney said...

I TOTALLY knew that was you before I even read the title....