Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun on a Friday Night

A 100 years ago, Jared and I would have probably spent a Friday night going out...doing something fun or at least exciting.....Tonight....I spent the evening in the ER with Chloe Megan and Jacob....Chloe had stuck one of those tiny rubber-band like pony tails up her nose....she had messed with it sooo much evntually that it was out of sight....lucky for her I had examined her (she came to me upset that she had a pony tail up her nose)....and had actually seen it...b/c eventually it was completely out of, the ER we went...the only way they could find it was to use those special nose telescopes....after they tried and tried w/special EXTRA small and long tweezers....they then flushed out the side with out the pony tail and the water came out the other side, pushing out the pony tail...I told the DR my children would have thought that was a cool that is how the La Coste Bartons spend a Friday night...

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Mercedes Johnson said...

that is a crazy funny story!i can sooooooo imagine ur kids doing that.haha.good 1 chloe.:)