Sunday, August 8, 2010

We visit Wisconsin

The story behind this state is that......Wisconsin isn't really on the way home from Minnesota, but in my efforts to visit all 50 states (42 down, 8 to go) I figured it was close enough to make a "minor" detour, so I made reservations for us to swing into Madison at KOA(I was sure it was pleasant in August, we were practically to Canada!) to make along story short, we ran out of gas just as we were exiting(our fuel pump had been wigging out that day, so we had'nt been filling it in case we would need to replace it that day) Jared had to push the car (he had a knee he was nursing from a tubing injury, so he literally hobbelled like he had a wooden leg-very VERY funny to look at) across the overpass and I would coast into the gas station, once at the gas station it would not start .....we were only 2 blocks from the KOA so, I had the boys get their scooters out, and Leney helped me take the kids to our campsite while we waited for Jared who never came b/c the car never started it is after 9 pm and we still haven't set up camp, the car doesn't work so we cant get our equipment over top things off it was still stinkin hot (like Texas hot, and I don't camp much in Texas) Jared was wore out from messin with the suburban, so we grabbed the last hotel room on that street ....b/c it was the last hotel room they let us fill it up with roll out beds for our large group.....we felt very blessed to have everything work out the way they did....we could grab dinner, check out a hotel all within walking distance of the car, and to top things off, our guardian angels had fixed the car, b/c when Jared went to check out the suburban in the AM it worked just fine :)

we did visit a cute Wisconsin dairy shop where we saw more cheese and every other kind of dairy/sausage we have ever dreamed of, my kids tried on a variety of cheese head hats and they enjoyed fresh yummy ice cream .....memories...

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