Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Having kids changes you....

Before kids this post would be absolutely ABSURD.....but, five kids later, there is not much that will knock me over-especially if you have boys....tonight, the kids and I attended a fundraiser for Haiti- it was very cute and done very well....the kids got to spend $3 each-and of course there was food, so we do as we love to do we eat....it was dark and I was sitting next to the boys while they finished their GIGANTIC serving of nachos, it was dark and I hadn't paid much attention to Travis but when the boys said they were done I told them they could go off and play....I was STARVING and so I went to finish off what was left of Travis' dish and come to find out, he had licked off the cheese of every chip (that in itself takes some talent) in his dish...once the connection had been made as to WHY it didn't taste right I had about gagged, and realized I had broken one of my #1 rules, never share ANYTHING with Travis....this rule was established when he was 4.....I had a household of kids and served everyone a turkey mini roll-sandwhich w/ a fruit cup (back when my kids would have never been allowed to thrive off of ketchup sandwhiches).....well, everone but Travis had devoured their lunch....instead of spending the extra time making me one for myself, I went over and took a bite out of his...what happened after that still makes me gag! He, very discreetly(sp?) dumped his entire fruit cup inside his sandwhich and then put it back like it had never been touched- fruit cup and all the fruit cup syrup, with a turkey sandwhich........never share anything to eat with Travis!!!!

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