Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Conversation with Travis...

"Mom, I need some scissors"
"No Scissors"
"B/C we aren't doing any art projects, and you can't have scissors (always a bad idea w/Travis"
"Why does Megan get scissors?"
"b/c Megan is almost 9...when your almost 9 you can have a pair of scissors"
" But I NEED a pair of scissors!"
he walks off and is definately up to something...then QUICKLY goes upstairs
he keeps walking up the stairs till he gets to the top and THEN comes back down- mom is on to him
"Travis, do you have any scissors?"
"let me check your pockets"
b/c of a few incidents in a few stores, he is used to being "searched" for evidence
"see mom, no scissors"- he is still very calm and cool, but mom is still onto him...
He QUICKLY runs back upstairs....
a few minutes later he comes back downstairs (still very cool and calm) and sits by me and makes conversation (actually I think he is trying to redirect my attention so I will forget about the previous interest in the scissors- he is very smooth)...
"Travis, I'm about to go upstairs, and I will be VERY grumpy if I find that you've been up to something you shouldn't be..."
"you won't FIND anything"-shrugging his shoulders, still very calm...
"are you sure you don't want to go double check and bring something back down before I go up?"
"I will be LOOKING for stuff when I go up"
"Will you be looking EVERYWHERE?"
"everywhere" this is where I beging to follow the clues...
"will you be looking in my room?"
"Yes, I will be looking in your room"
"Dont look under my bed!"
"I will definately be looking under your bed!" _now I will
"You can go upstairs and look, but don't look under my bed"
As I go upstairs, I can hear him slip out the back door....and just like he suggested, the evidence was under his bed(along with the cut up box)....He was busted had to serve time on his bed....

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