Friday, February 6, 2009

cheap gas= happiness

I don't know what it is....but when you buy gas at a cheap price, a warm fuzzy feeling comes over you that compels you to smile....Now, I am sure it is hard for those who live in town to appreciate such a feeling...but for those of us who drive 30 miles(one way) to church, 30 miles (one way) to Wed. activities, 30 miles (one way) to sam's and other decent grocery gas is serious business....Today was one of those days....After spending an hour & 1/2 at Hobby Lobby with my 3year old and trying to figure out Valentine decor for the upcoming dinner/dance (One of us was probably going to start crying- there is just something about a place that puts breakable things on glass shelves that are crowded with stuff)....anyways, I definately wasn't smiling going home.... I pass this gas station that was celebrating their GRAND OPENING with cheap gas.....$1.57 for unleaded....Jared filled up at $1.87 for Diesel (that is the real whopper, last summer it was almost $5.00!!!)...all 40 gallons!!! Then, that feeling that I was talking about...all smiles (and I wasn't even drinking a Diet Coke :) )

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